Airband - ADS-B

With the use of an SDR radio and the work other interested people have done on creating software there's a wealth of interesting information you can get from the airwaves. I've recently just setup an ADS-B reciever using a Raspberry Pi, R820T based dongle and some free software. The data I recieve is uploaded to Flightradar24 to help them boost coverage.

My Initial tests used a windows PC using the rtl1090 application and the flightradar software however I now have it running on a Raspberry Pi which makes for a much smaller and power effiecient reciever. I also tried doing this with my original E4000 based device but found that it cut off just below the required frequency for recieving ADS-B data.


To recieve the ADS-B data I used an application called dump1090.

Building this requires the rtl-sdr to have already been build (write up to come), The steps to build dump1090 are:

git clone
cd dump1090/
sudo cp dump1090 /usr/local/bin/

This can then be run from the command line like this

dump1090 --interactive --enable-agc --interactive-ttl 3600 --interactive-rows 30 --metric

and it will show all the flight data being recieved which should look something like this:

Hex    Flight   Altitude  Speed   Lat       Lon       Track  Messages Seen  .
4ca704          0         0       0.000     0.000     0     3         51 sec
450023          0         0       0.000     0.000     0     1         105 sec
4ca6a5 RYR6275  1743      518     50.577    -1.640    7     344       1 sec
400e5c          4287      783     0.000     0.000     22    8         175 sec
4006b3 BAW247   6473      870     50.588    -1.748    212   1627      1 sec
40055f          7760      0       0.000     0.000     0     1546      0 sec
405bfe BAW245   7714      811     50.425    -1.905    214   2350      21 sec
400fe0          0         0       0.000     0.000     0     3         245 sec

Flight Radar 24

To upload the data to flightradar you need to download the package from For the Raspberry Pi the ARM LE version. I'm using the Dynamicly linked version dated 10/4/2013. This can be installed into /usr/local/bin with the command

sudo tar xzvf fr24feed_arm-le_232.tgz -C /usr/local/bin/

Two allow the Flight Radar application to use the data from dump1090 you need to add two additional flags to the command line

dump1090 --interactive --enable-agc --interactive-ttl 3600 --metric --interactive-rows 30 --net --net-sbs-port 30003

You can then run the flight radar application to get the data from dump1090 and upload to the flight tradar servers.

fr24feed_arm-le_232 --fr24key=<key>

As I had already set up flight radar on a windows machine I had the key to use. If you don't have a key for this recieving station you'll need to read the instructions on the Flight Radar site.



I've had issues with the dynamically linked version of fr24feed stopping working after a period of time. To fix this I'm currently trying the statically linked version of fr24feed. This seems to need an extra environment variable to connect and so should be run like:

FR24AUTHIP= fr24feed_arm-le_232s --<key>

There are some reports of this still failing, as a fix for this the recommendation is to try an older copy (version 225).

Virtual Radar Server

A Work in Progress is to run a local server to show the flights I'm recieving which I intend to do with and mono.


Installing mono on the Raspberry Pi can be acheived using the command

sudo apt-get install mono-runtime mono-2.0-gac libmono-winforms2.0-cil mono-csharp-shell

Check if the version of mono on the pi will work properly

pi@pi ~ $ csharp
Mono C# Shell, type "help;" for help

Enter statements below.
csharp> Math.Pow(2,4);

pi@pi ~$

If the output is not 16 (like the above) then the version of mono may have issues, See for information. You can either try installing mono from source (possibly with patches) or change to using a softfloat version of raspbian.


Download the VirtualRadar Software

Create a Folder for it and change into that folder

mkdir VirtualRadar
cd VirtualRadar

extract the archive

tar xzvf ~/HAB/VirtualRadar.tar.gz

Run the application

mono VirtualRadar.exe

At this point there are errors that still need resolving


The method I prefer to run these on the Pi is via a screen session. This allows me to run both applications within a single SSH session and also close that SSH session leaving the programs running in a way that I can reconnect to them later. This is setup be first installing screen:

sudo apt-get install screen

To simplifiy starting the programs I have also created a ~/.screenrc file which starts both programs with screen. This file looks like:

screen -t dump1090 0 dump1090 --interactive --enable-agc --interactive-ttl 3600 --metric --interactive-rows 30 --net --net-sbs-port 30003
screen -t fr24 1 fr24feed_arm-le_232 --fr24key=<key>

To start screen for the first time just type:


If you want to re-connect to an existing screen session run

screen -rd

There are many more things you can do with screen and if you regularly use linux SSH sessions I highly recommend learning to use screen or one of the alternatives.


Resources I used to configure this are:


  • adsbox
  • Alternative dump1090 supposedly good for use with planeplotter  git://

Other Potential Resources


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Before yourself set out on your up coming trip, be sure to study the recommendations and guidance created in this article inside of this short article. Whether or not by yourself are leaving for a weekend holiday vacation or an lengthier trip, they are indeed in the direction of help hold you ready and penned for whichever adventures your long run travels may perhaps deliver by yourself.

Anytime traveling, it's crucial in the direction of pack light-weight. Pack products and solutions in just other merchandise (rolled-up socks and underwear inside of your shoes, for example). If potential, deliver knitted or microfiber dresses that your self can roll up tightly inside your bag. Often carry garments on your own can wash within the lodge sink and hang to dry if required. Roll all clothing rather of folding.

Before on your own transfer upon a holiday vacation, check with near for recommendations from pals and family. View who consists of been there just before and/or what they'd propose you possibly check out or stay away from. Are there particular dining establishments, attractions, or demonstrates your self ought to check out? By yourself can much too look at out internet websites on the world-wide-web that Deliver suggestions from fellow vacationers.

There are a whole lot of alternate options every time it arrives to generate these days. If your self are developing a holiday vacation toward a nation your self contain under no circumstances been in direction of before, on your own could possibly need in the direction of seek the advice of with a well-informed travel consultant. They will be ready toward alert on your own towards any exceptional written content yourself may will need such as customs, temperature patters, and needed vaccinations.

To start with detail to do once your self receive into your hotel area is in the direction of check out the alarm clock. The worst matter that could materialize is to be startled as a result of an alarm clock Even though you're quick asleep that a former guest had set to early. Make absolutely sure on your own verify the clock and check out if it's preset for a time that is constructive for you; in another way, your self could discover oneself off to a terrible start out on your vacation.

Track down a cafe in the vicinity of your resort if on your own system toward dwell for a longer period than right away. While a lot of accommodations incorporate eating places intended specifically within just, this sort of eateries will be disappointed, generic affairs offering tiny toward remember. By means of finding a area restaurant inside of simple drive distance by yourself will gain get to in direction of a little little bit of regional coloration.

If oneself plan upon traveling, primarily in direction of another place, your self ought to subscribe to a travel insurance plan. A generate insurance coverage will reimburse your tickets if your flight is canceled. It will much too assist oneself fly home if oneself or a member of your loved ones will become unwell inside of one more state. Greatest drive insurance moreover insures rental cars.

In advance of undergoing any principal traveling, deliver confident oneself get a lot of loosen up the evening right before by yourself depart. A lack of sleep can bring about by yourself to make bad decisions and Factors forgetfulness. The implications of negative alternate options whenever traveling are far even more really serious, than pure, consequently crank out of course you might be well rested.

Will not overlook the bus. If on your own need to travel a delicate distance toward your next desired destination, employ the service of the bus instead of added costly taxis or condominium vehicles. Many buses, specially within hefty towns, are Very fresh new and modern. Not simply will your self help save cash, however on your own will consider an Great likelihood in direction of people-watch and receive to notice the locals.

To help you save dollars on bags expenses, oneself must weigh your bags in advance of leaving dwelling. You can purchase a Excellent luggage scale for considerably less than 20 dollars, and it may perhaps assist yourself conserve huge on airline bags prices. If your bag is previously mentioned the fat limit at household, it is very simple in the direction of move components close to or consider anything at all out, nevertheless it is substantially tougher toward maintenance a fat condition after on your own are by now at the airport.

Though traveling in the direction of fresh new sites and even aged acquainted locations is enjoyable and exciting, we can all employ the service of a few Wonderful Plans to hold the family vacation on track. If you retain the services of the suggestions give toward by yourself here, yourself should have no worries for wherever your self are headed in the direction of following.

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