Hourly Predictor

One tool that is very useful for launching high altitude balloons is a prediction of where it's likely to go. This helps decide whether it's safe to launch and what the chances of recovery are likely to be.

The Cambridge Space flight team have produced an excellent predictor to do this and there is also an hourly predictor that shows the landing location for a flight profile over the course of a week. As the hourly predictor needs to be configured on the server for a specific flight profile there has been some interest in how to install it however the initial instructions were somewhat sparse.

I have documented the process of configuring the hourly predictor on a CentOS 6 server at http://hab.yapd.net/setup.html I have also started work on a set of RPM packages allowing much of the setup to be done through the standard package manager. The ultimate aim is to produce a virtual machine image using open standards allowing it to be widely deployable, easily maintainable and configurable for a novice user.

My own hourly predictor can be found at http://hab.yapd.net/hourly/. Each red dot shows a predicted landing spot. Hovering the mouse over the red dot will give the launch time for that prediction and clicking on the dot will show the predicted flight path. When not configured for flights I'm looking at I'm happy to configure the flight profile details for other interested persons.